Watch Movies and TV Shows HD on PrimeWire in 2022

Probably the majority of the online streaming fans already know about the PrimeWire website because it has been online for almost 10 years and managed to become one of the most successful free sites with a massive database which contains 20.000 movies and 100.000 episodes, all of them available for free, without registration, in HD quality with English subtitles where it’s necessary.

It’s not hard to understand why PrimeWire is one of the most loved streaming websites by the people around the world if you browse a little our site and see such a good quality all over. Even if a lot of problems occured in all these years, we have a strong team who figured out how to fix all the problems along the time and that’s how we succeeded to still be here, up and running, with this website 10 years later.

Google’s updates have always been rough especially with this kind of sites like PrimeWire and we’ve been through a lot of problems in order to keep this website alive in all this time. That’s why PrimeWire changed its web domain for so many times just to figure out how to get up after being negatively affected by these updates.

The original PrimeWire domain is now and we wouldn’t write this article if it wasn’t necessary to tell you about the latest improvements that we’ve made for this website so our visitors can benefit of a better quality and much more pleasurable experience while browsing PutLocker looking to watch their favorite movies and series for free.

Recently, the design theme of PrimeWire has been changed. We’ve replaced the old theme with a new one, created by PSY Themes and used by the majority of big streaming sites like 123Movies, that’s why the actual interface of our site might already look familiar to many of you.

Even if this design was not unique when we start using it, now we have really made it personal after our custom modifications regarding the design, colors, menus, features and everything and you can’t confuse PrimeWire with other similar sites anymore.

We strongly believe in the concept of online free streaming since the beginning of it many years ago and even if today the majority of people are paying a subscription to watch movies on platforms like Netflix, Amazon, HBO or Hulu, we know there are still many users worldwide who can’t afford or don’t want to spend their money on an expensive subscription every month just to watch a few movies and shows.

That’s the reason why we are still working on this PrimeWire site and we strongly fight to keep the streaming sites alive as many years as possible so everyone can enjoy the free entertainment from the comfort of their home without paying a single penny.

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